PUA Financial Determinations and Weekly Benefit Amount Overview

PUA Financial Determinations and Weekly Benefit Amount Overview

Confused by the Monetary Determination?

We’ve created a guide to help you understand your Notice of Financial Determination for PUA and challenge your Weekly Benefit Amount if you believe it is wrong.

What does my Notice of Monetary Determination say?

You will get a Notice of Monetary Determination in the mail from the Department of Labor and Industry. These notices are based on the information you provided about your 2019 income during the initial application.

You can find your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) at the end of the first paragraph of the letter:

Underneath that, you should see the income you reported during your initial application. 

Here are some important notes about income and Weekly Benefit Amounts:

If you did not have any income in 2019 or had minimal income, you automatically qualify for $195 a week.

Your WBA is calculated based on gross W2 earnings + net self-employment earnings and depends on your highest quarter of earnings 

Did you upload income documentation on your initial application?

If you did not upload documentation during your initial application that establishes the income listed on your monetary determination, you should login to the PUA Portal and upload it.  

What to Do if You Disagree with the Weekly Benefit Amount

The weekly benefit amount is based on your 2019 income (net income for self-employed, gross income for W2 workers). 

You can request a redetermination of the weekly benefit amount by uploading documentation of your 2019 income in the PUA portal.  You should receive a new Monetary Determination, but expect the response from DLI to take some time.

If that does not work, every claimant has the right to appeal their monetary determination. 

We’ve also created a guide that gives more detail about what to do if you disagree with your Weekly Benefit Amount.