What to Do When Your PUA Benefits Suddenly Stop

What to Do When Your PUA Benefits Suddenly Stop

  • My account went "In Progress"
    Watch your dashboard for a message about using a program called “ID.me” to release frozen (“in progress”) benefits! ID.me is not a scam. You can verify your identity in several minutes. You need to do this even if you already uploaded identity documents to your portal. Your benefits should be released in the following days after you use it. Use ID.Me even if you uploaded identity documents before.
  • A new "Issue" appeared on my Claim Summary
    If a new issue appears on your claim summary, that means the government has flagged a problem with your claim. They must investigate that issue before they can deny you benefits. Keep checking your message center for communication about the issue. If the government has not made a decision about the issue within 2 weeks, your benefits will continue to be paid while they investigate.
  • I received a Notice of Determination disqualifying me for "Other Program Eligibility"
    If you have a message in your portal with a letter that disqualifies you from PUA because you may be eligible for UC, you should go file for UC.  If you are not eligible for UC or get disqualified, you can provide that documentation to get back on PUA.  If you get this notice and you had already been disqualified from UC, you should appeal. If you are eligible for UC, you must collect UC instead of PUA.  That is what the law requires.

Disqualified from PUA benefits?

If you have been disqualified from benefits, your message center will have a message with a determination attached as a PDF.  These determinations are called “Pandemic Unemployment Disqualification Determination.”

Week to week disqualifications

These disqualifications only apply to a specific week rather than your whole claim. 

Here are the reasons you may be disqualified one week:

If you earn too much to qualify for a week of PUA, you will not be eligible for benefits that week. You will not be found ineligible for the entire program, and you should continue to file your weekly certifications if you haven’t fully gone back to work. You may be eligible for future weeks if your partial earnings reduce enough to qualify you for some or all of your weekly benefit amount. 

If you say that you are not able and available on a certification, your benefits will stop. Able and available means that you could do some form of work if you were offered. It does not require that you are able to do your most recent job. It just means you could do some form of work and there is a job out there you could accept. For example, could you work at home doing a job over the telephone if provided with the necessary tools?

If you turn down a suitable offer of work without good cause then you may be disqualified from unemployment benefits.  The government will investigate the situation and look at both whether the offer of work was suitable (for example, is it safe) and whether you had a good reason to turn it down (for example, you are high risk or are caring for children).

What income do I need to report when I file?

Are you working part-time and collecting benefits? It’s important to know what income you need to report and when.