Regular Unemployment Compensation

Regular Unemployment Compensation

Do I qualify for unemployment compensation?

Unemployment compensation is income replacement for workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own.

Apply for unemployment compensation if any of the following have happened to you at work because of the coronavirus pandemic or its impact:

  • Your hours have been reduced because of the public health crisis
  • You have been temporarily laid off or your workplace closed
  • You were sent home from work due to minor symptoms related to coronavirus
  • Your work was interrupted because you need to care for a family member
  • You were fired when you refused to work in unsafe conditions
  • You quit to avoid unsafe conditions

Common Issues

Having trouble navigating the new UC system?

We’ve created a webpage with updates about what’s changed and information about how to use the new site.

Scared you might lose your job?

If you think you might lose your job or need to take a leave of absence, learn what you need to do before that happens to protect your eligibility for unemployment compensation.

Questions about UC?

We have created a page of questions and answers to help guide you through the process of applying and keeping your unemployment compensation benefits.

I'm not sure my employer is telling me the truth about UC

It is important to know your rights about UC. Check out our guide to common employer mistakes and misinformation.

How does my immigration status affect my eligibility for UC?

We have created a frequently asked questions page to help answer your questions about immigrations status and UC.

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Thinking of applying for unemployment compensation?We’ve got some tips for when you apply using the online portal.– Once you make a username and password, keep them in a secure place. Do not send them to anyone.– You’ll need your ID and a device with a camera to complete the identity verification part of the application.– If you have an email you will always have access to, set your communication preference to "Internal notification with an email notification."– If you do not have an email like this, you should choose postal mail as your communication preference.– Once you finish the application, check your portal often for important messages and documents.– Even after your benefits end, you should still check your portal regularly. Unemployment may still send you important messages years later.Looking for more info on unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania? Visit #PAUnemployment #LegalAid See MoreSee Less
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¿Está pensando aplicar para compensación por desempleo?Tenemos algunos consejos para cuando presente su solicitud a través de la portal en línea.– Una vez que cree un nombre de usuario y una contraseña, guárdelos en un lugar seguro. No los envíe a nadie.– Necesitará su identificación y un dispositivo con cámara para completar la parte de verificación de identidad de la aplicación.– Si tiene un correo electrónico al que siempre tendrá acceso, establezca su preferencia de comunicación a "Notificación interna con notificación por correo electrónico".– Si no tiene un correo electrónico como este, debe elegir el correo postal como su preferencia de comunicación.– Una vez que termine la solicitud, revise su portal frecuentemente para ver si hay mensajes o documentos importantes.– Después de que se finalicen sus beneficios, debe revisar su portal regularmente. Desempleo puede enviarle mensajes importantes años después.¿Esta buscando por más información sobre compensación por desempleo en Pensilvania? Visite #LegalAid See MoreSee Less
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Do you need help filing your weekly claim?

We've created a guide to help you file your weekly claim.

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The New UC System is Here

Are you having trouble with the new UC system? Check out our page about the changes for updates and information.

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Do you have questions about filing your taxes?

We've created a guide to answer your questions about how your UC benefits impact your taxes.

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